Primary Colours and Playrooms

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Primary Colours and Playrooms

Nothing says, “play with me” more than simple primary colours.  From crayons to cars, kids are drawn to the bright colours found in the rainbow.  Inspired by a picture she saw online, Shirley of Motivated Mommy of Two, put her talented painter dad to work to create a truly colourful playroom.

Primary Colours and Playrooms

While bold, the bright colours really resonate with her kids who love to play in the playroom.  Recently, Shirley accomplished something on just about every parents “to-do” list, she completely reorganized her playroom.  To read more about Shirley’s playroom and she organized it, click here.

For the rest of us, who may not be as brave as Shirley, there are countless other ways to bring the primary colours into a play space.  Artwork is an easy way to add a pop of colour to a white wall.  Even simple designs, such as these by Cammy Stenavich, can inspire kids to play and learn.


Colour coded storage bins is also a great way to help non-reading kids sort their toys.  These vegetable style storage bins are great find as they allow quick access to toys without the need for stubborn lids or the ability for kids to dump everything out all at once.


Finally, this multitasking bench not only stores, it provides a nice space for kids to sit and read.



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