How to measure curtains from the Childrens Curtain Company

To be sure of the best possible fit take time to measure your window carefully, and follow our simple curtain measuring guide that lets you know how to measure curtains. We suggest using a metal tape measure for accuracy. If you are unsure about anything please do not hesitate to call or email us, we are always happy to help.

Curtain Measuring Guide


curtain mesuring guide pencil pleat childrens curtains
If your children’s curtains are to be installed using a simple plastic track then follow the steps below:

  1. Measure from the top of the track to the required finished length
  2. Measure the length of the track, not the window as the track may extend beyond each side of the window to allow the curtains to be pulled right back

If your children’s curtains are to be hung from a traditional pole, measure from the bottom of the curtain ring, to the required finished length then measure the length of the pole excluding finials.


curtain measuring guide pinch pleat childrens curtains
This type of curtain heading looks very smart, with three triple pleats, all hand made to fit the size of your pole or track. This style requires slightly more fabric, please call or email us for advice on how to measure curtains.


Usually curtains hang outside the window recess from a track or pole. So simply measure the track or pole excluding finials (decorative ends to the pole). If the curtains are to hang inside the curtain recess, you should measure this exact width. It is possible that windows widths vary so do measure the bottom of the window as well as the top. If they measure differently use the larger measurement.


We make straight or shaped valances for pencil pleat curtains only. Valances are usually 1/6th of the overall drop of the curtain. However, it could be slightly longer or shorter according to your preference. We would need to know if it is going to hang on a valance track or on a wooden board.


Roman blinds can be made to fit inside the recess or outside the recess of the window. Blinds made inside the recess can be used with curtains as well. Blinds made outside the recess are used instead of curtains. First decide where you want your blind to be positioned. All our Roman blinds come fitted on a premium chain operated track, unless a wooden baton is specifically requested. The chains are available in three colour ways: white, chrome or brass.



Measure with a steel tape from the top of the recess to the bottom in three different places: left hand side, middle, and right hand side as you may find a slight variation in each measurement. Use the smallest of these measurements as your drop measurement, the drop is indicated as C to D in the diagram below.

For the width repeat the same measuring, at three different points across the recess. Width is shown as A to B in the diagram below. Once again use the smallest measurement.

measuring for roman blinds


Decide where you want the blind to sit outside the window, and measure from this point across the width, making sure you have an equal distance each side of your window. This is indicated as E to F on the diagram below. Then measure from the top, where you want the blind to start to where you want the blind to be lowered to. This is the measurement of the finished drop, this is indicated as G to H on the diagram below. If you have protruding window sills, do bear this in mind. We make up the blind from these measurements, known as blind size.

Measuring outside the recess for blinds


We can make cushions and tiebacks to match your kids curtains or blinds. Cushions come in two sizes 40cms or 45cms with a choice of a polyester or feather filled pad. You can have them plain or with a piped finish in a fabric of your choice.

Tiebacks are crescent shaped in the right size to fit your curtains.

How to measure curtains

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