Don’t blackout blind safety when designing a nursery for your baby

By May 15, 2014 Our News
Nursery Blinds Safety

Nursery Blind Safety

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You bring your new-born baby home from hospital. You don’t get much sleep for the first few nights. What’s the first book you reach for? What’s the first google search you do? I bet it’s something to do with baby sleep.

The books and blog posts will come up with all sorts of answers – from cry-it-out to no-cry. But, one of the main things they will have in common, no matter what their view of crying babies, is that you need a darkened room for your baby to sleep in.

This is part of teaching your baby the difference between day and night – you want to teach them to sleep when its dark and be awake when its light. The generally recommended solution to this is black-out blinds. You can easily buy these from lots of online and high-street outlets – but you need to make sure they’re baby safe.

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