Made to measure curtains – 5 helpful ideas

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Made to measure curtains advice from the Childrens Curtain Company

“With so many different styles and fabrics on offer, choosing a pair of curtains could drive you off the rails!”. “It’s worth taking the time and invest the energy in choosing the best treatment for your home as the right choice can make a massive difference to both the look and feel of your room. Here are our top five helpful ideas to help get you on the right track and get your journey to your made to measure curtains started!”
Made to Measure Curtains

Think about their purpose

As well as being decorative, the chances are you need your made to measure curtains to perform a certain function. When choosing yours, it’s worthwhile asking yourself these important questions: Which room are they for? Are they for a child’s bedroom? Is privacy an issue?  Do I want them to stop draughts or help keep the room cool? Should they be pulled back off the windows to let in light and frame a view, or is the view outside better hidden? What about the room itself? What do you use it for? A children’s bedroom or baby nursery for example might benefit from heavy lined curtains to stop the light getting in. On the other hand, it might be more practical to have unlined curtains in a room where there’s likely to be more wear and tear such as a playroom or kitchen.

Measure carefully

We recommend you use a metal tape measure for accuracy, as a cloth one may stretch. has an easy to follow guide to measuring curtains for your made to measure curtains.

Light Fantastic

If you want your curtains to make the most of natural daylight, add an extra 35-45cm to the length of your pole. This means you can then pull back your curtains and see the whole window. This also makes narrow windows appear wider, which can only be a good thing!

The long and the short of it

Sill length curtains are ideal in cottage style rooms which often have small recessed windows. You could even consider ordering more fabric and hang your curtain pole 15-30 cms above the frame to make the window look taller than it really is. Conversely let your curtains ‘hang’ on the floor to create the illusion of height.

Consider the headings

There are many different styles of curtain headings and pleating. The different headings offer alternative ways for you to personalise your curtains and affect how they fall. It’s very much down to your individual preference and whether you want a contemporary or more traditional look. features a step by step guide on how to measure and fit curtains on our website. Our made to measure curtains will be delivered in fifteen working days. We also offer made-to-measure cushions and lampshades.

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