Inspiring kids rooms

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Inspiring kids rooms from the Childrens Curtain Company

Kids’ bedroom ideas: go big, or go home we say. At the Childrens Curtain Company we say decorating a kids’ room doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on style. In fact, it opens up a whole new world of exciting design possibilities, even for small spaces. It’s the perfect excuse to be as bold, brave or magical as you want. Whether it’s a girls’ room, a boys’ bedroom or nursery, we’ve found some amazing children’s bedroom ideas to steal, from furniture to accessories like kids’ wallpaper. Let the fun begin…

Vintage Trains

Rachel Whiting Inspiring Kids Rooms

When it came to designing this Chelsea home, Stephen Eicker most enjoyed working on this bedroom, belonging to the owner’s two sons, aged three and six. His starting point was the eldest’s obsession with trains, and this led him to the wallpaper by The New Yorker cartoonist Saul Steinberg, which he teamed with a turquoise carpet with red-and-white fabrics. Accessorised with vintage toy trains, the room is original and playful without being overdone or saccharine.

Modern and Open-Plan

Modern Open Plan Inspiring Kids Rooms

This modern children’s room has a self-contained, two-level unit within to make the large, open-plan space feel comfortable. This feeling is further enhanced with pops of colour and pattern. The blue tiger rugs are by Moustache from

Shimmying Stars

Inspiring Kids Rooms

A smattering of black stars shimmy across the walls and out the window in this modern kids’ room. It looks especially eye-catching painted on a brightly coloured backdrop. The idea also works well using animal footprints, which you can dot along the floor and over furniture.

‘Classic Poplar’ wood shutters, from California Shutters; painted in ‘Spring Breeze’, from Dulux

Shelf Appeal

Inspiring Kids Rooms

Create a mini art gallery with  wallpapered shelves and framed photos – perfect for displaying favourite (tiny) items.

Creature Comforts

Inspiring Kids Rooms

We’ve fallen in love with the cute creature wall stickers in this room, but we couldn’t help but also notice the genius of the cot bed with built in storage.


Play Area

Inspiring Kids Rooms

Creating a cosy play area in the corner of the room is easy. All that’s needed is a heavy pile rug and plenty of cushions – we love the mix of neutrals and brights here. The modular shelving and lighting further delineate the area from the rest of the room.


More Inspiration For Your Childs Room

We hope you love these inspiring kids rooms and for more inspiration, why not check out our Childrens Curtain Company Pinterest board? Also, if you have any questions for us, please get in contact and we’ll be happy to help!


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