How to Measure Nursery Curtains

By May 19, 2015 Nursery Ideas

Today we’re going to show you how to measure nursery curtains!

At the Childrens Curtain Company we know that when it comes to decorating your little one’s new nursery, things are not always as simple as they first seem! Accurately measuring for curtains is important to get the perfect fit and taking measurements for fixtures and fittings can be very tricky.

So, here are 5 how to measure nursery curtains steps to follow to keep your nursery curtain preparations as pain-free as possible. Remember – for better accuracy when measuring, always use a straight metal tape measure.

How to Measure Nursery Curtains

1. Fit your curtain track or pole first

This should be approximately 6 inches above the window recess, and wider than the window by 6-8 inches on either side. This eliminates any guess-work, and ensures that the correct fitting curtains are purchased first time.

2. Measure your curtain width

If using a curtain pole, simply measure the length of your pole (not including any decorative end pieces). If using a curtain track, measure its full length. Be sure to add 1 inch to the final measurement so that your curtains overlap when drawn. To achieve a soft, gathered look when closed, ensure to multiply your pole or track width measurement by 2 for eyelet curtains, and by 1.5 for tab top curtains.

All our childrens curtains have easy to fit tab top headings and are designed to fit a curtain pole up to 165cm wide, so will suit most modern windows in your child’s bedroom or nursery.

3. Decide upon your curtain length

First, when getting to grips with how to measure nursery curtains it’s important to consider the surroundings of your window. If you have a radiator underneath your window, we recommend below the sill curtains, which should hang at least 1.5 inches above it to prevent heat becoming blocked. However, if possible they should hang at least 6 inches below the sill to block out light and drafts. We recommend that floor and sill length curtains hang 1 or 2 inches short of the floor or sill to prevent wear to the hems. As floors are not always even, be sure to measure at 3 or 4 different points, and use the smaller measurement to ensure the best fit.

4. Decide upon your curtain style

All curtain styles hang a little differently. The drop for pencil pleat curtains should be measured from the top of the track, or bottom of the pole rings to your chosen end point. For tab top or eyelet curtains, measure from the top of the track, or from the eye of the curtain hook as it sits on the pole to your chosen end point, and remember to account for the extra inch of fabric that is above the eyelet.

5. Time for the nice part – choosing your perfect curtain design!

Now you have mastered (we hope!) the how to measure nursery curtains guide, you should now hopefully feel fully prepared to purchase your perfect nursery curtains ready for your exciting new arrival with minimal stress or bother.

Our ranges are perfect for babies and children alike, and we have a great range to choose from, do browse our wide range of children’s fabrics, and we’re sure you’ll find something you’ll love! Almost all our curtains are 100% cotton, lined and machine washable for extra convenience – as we know that with little ones accidents can happen!

We hope you found our guide on how to measure nursery curtains useful and if you have any questions, do please feel free to contact us. Alternatively feel free to browse our Pinterest boards for nursery inspiration!

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