Children’s room safety guidelines

By May 14, 2015 Our News
Childrens Bedroom Safety

Decorating your kid’s bedroom? Keep young children safe and sound with these basic safety steps!

Think about bed location. Don’t position the bed underneath a window, directly against a radiator or with shelves, ledges or appliances above that a child can get hold of.

Avoid hanging heavy pictures or mirrors above the bed.

Secure freestanding furniture by fixing it to the wall with anti-toppling devices such as straps or fixing brackets.

Avoid open drawers that can be used as a climbing frame – use child-proof latches on lower drawers.

Avoid bunkbeds if your child is under six. Cabin beds are a better option if you can squeeze them in – there’ll be plenty of extra storage underneath too.

Use socket covers to keep plug sockets safe from probing fingers.

Secure all dangling lamp cords to prevent injury from pulling on them.

Childproof the windows. Use latches that will let the window open no more than 10cm.


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