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Decorating a bedroom for a child can be a demanding experience. Childrens bedrooms ideas can be as full on as you like. Children are visually attracted to bright, bold colours but combining practicality with a style that you can all enjoy isn’t as simple as it sounds! The choice of childrens blinds, or childrens curtains is a pivotal part of any room’s décor and this is no different for children’s bedrooms.

Childrens Bedroom Ideas

When you’ve found the perfect fabric for your childrens curtains or blinds , you then have the choice of how to fit them.

Safety Measures to Consider with your Childrens Curtains and Blinds

Remember if you are designing a small child’s bedroom its most important to consider anything in the room that could potentially harm your child.

  • If you are fitting a curtain pole or track, make sure it is not corded.
  • Curtain tiebacks should be avoided or replaced with curtain holdbacks which should be fitted as high up the wall as possible.
  • When fitting blinds we strongly recommend a child safety device (something we offer with all our made to measure blinds).
  • In all instances keep control cords close to the window blind and positioned in such a way that all cords are inaccessible and out of reach to children. Also try to keep all furniture such as beds, cots, sofas, tables away from your windows as children have a tendency to climb.


Whether you’re buying blinds or curtains for a newborn baby’s nursery or a teenagers bedroom, consider the levels of light in the room as a blackout blind, or a pair of curtains with a blackout lining will help prevent your child waking up at sun rise!

Neutral blinds are not gender specific so if you are starting a family – go neutral.
neutral childrens blinds
Little girls blackout blinds

girls blackout blind
Boys blackout bedroom blinds
boys bedroom blind

Curtain Poles

The curtain poles will need to provide a very strong base for the curtain to hang from. Aside from their functionality, many poles have also been designed to incorporate different shapes, patterns, colours and materials. The curtain pole can work in tandem with your childrens curtain choice to create a warm child-friendly atmosphere.

Choosing your Fabrics and Bedding

Bold or over-complicated childrens curtain fabrics can give a children’s room that is already groaning with toys a distinctly cluttered look.

If you have already chosen busy wallpaper with matching curtaining, go easy on the bedding and cushions. Of course when it is a child’s room you will have to consider their wishes on the designs, but there’s no reason why you can’t find a design that pleases everyone. The choices of blinds, childrens curtains and bedding for children is huge and their flexibility ensures that you should be able to find something that fits with the rest of your homes decoration as well as keeping the kids happy.

Childrens Curtains can also be hung to create a new storage space or to cover an existing one. Rather than using a cumbersome wardrobe, you may wish to seal off a certain part of the room using a curtain. Due to their increased flexibility, a curtain track may be the more suitable fitting for this type of fixture. Likewise curtain tracks are an equally popular for standard curtain fixtures.


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