10 Great girls curtains & bedroom ideas

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10 Great girls curtains & bedroom ideas from the Childrens Curtain Company

Looking for inspiration to decorate your daughter’s room? Check out these creative and fun girls’ bedroom ideas. Whether you want something trendy or classic, we have all the visual cues you’ll need to get started on the space of her dreams.

No Colour Left Unturned

A rainbow of bright hues shines through this room and touches everything from pillows to walls. When using a strong palette of colours, repeat a particular element to create a sharp look. In this room, circles take the leading role, appearing on bedding, walls, the rug, and artwork. Also use a neutral colour, such as white, for furniture, to soften bold colours.
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Fun & Functional

Hitting the books might be a chore, but in a room as fun as this, homework time just might get a little easier. A large desk and office chair, with storage bins beneath, create a work zone. But when it’s time for fun, ample seating, a fun colour scheme, and whimsical touches turn this room into a space for giggling with friends.

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No Pink Here

Breaking away from traditional girl colors, this room has a modern vibe with its shades of orange — ranging from sherbet to pumpkin — and shocks of electric blue. Girl appeal is added with floral prints, which are graphic rather than flowery, keeping with the modern design.

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Power in Paint

To vary solid-color walls, try this easy, do-it-yourself project. Mark out different sizes of squares on the wall with painter’s tape. Then fill in the shapes with three to four different colours. Here, bold raspberry, tangy orange, and sweet pink squares spruce up a peach background.

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As She Grows

While pretty is important, practicality is also a must. White furniture can remain in the room through all stages of childhood. Bedding, accessories, and paint colours can easily be changed as tastes go from little girl to teen. The many storage options, such as built-in cabinets and nightstands, can readily go from holding dolls to fashion magazines and makeup.

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Writing on the Wall

A favorite poem becomes art in this little girl’s room. And you don’t have to be an artist to create your own word art. Look for stencils and wall decals at crafts stores and online. Make sure the colour of the lettering contrasts with the wall colour to ensure your message will read loud and clear.

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Fun for All

Sisters sharing a room can be a recipe for squabbling. To keep the peace, go in with a game plan. If the girls are old enough to help with decor decisions, ask for their input. That way they’ll feel like they have a vested interest in the room. Also, designate an area for each girl’s stuff so both will feel like they have their own space. Another tip: Plan for the future. When baby outgrows the crib, be prepared to shift around furniture or consider adding a bunk bed or a trundle bed.

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Looking for a theme beyond tiaras and bows? Use nature as your muse. The wisteria branches above the changing table add a personalized touch to the classic, neutral design of this room.

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Simply Bold

This room, done in daring strokes of aqua and pink, is proof that two colours can pack a punch. Looking to create your own dramatic look? Use large blocks of your chosen colours (such as on the wall and bedspread), limit patterns, and add in doses of white for a crisp finish.

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Welcome Change

For the girl who is always experimenting with a new look, offer her a solid-colour bedspread with the option of interchangeable throw pillows. Start off with a few, then let your girl add and subtract as you both find new pillows to mix in. Search out clearance racks and discount stores for affordable pillows to switch up the look.

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More Girls Curtains Inspiration

We hope you loved these girls curtains and bedroom ideas as much as we do! For more girls bedroom ideas, please do take a look at our girls curtain fabrics selection on our website. If you do have any questions please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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